Islington Nurseries LTD provides 24/7 – all-year-round maintenance services to commercial properties. We ensure that all properties are safe and clean at all times so they can be enjoyed by all.

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Maintenance Properties We Manage

Here are some of the properties we maintain. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation for maintenance on your property.

Project Name: Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Site Overview: Royal Canadian Yacht Club was founded in Toronto in 1852 to serve both as a yachting recreational club and an unofficial auxiliary of the Royal Navy in the defence of the waters of Lake Ontario.

Project Scope: 1) There is the ‘City Side’, which is where we did a large project called ‘Seawall and Bioswale Construction’

2) You also have a number of other photos of misc. Construction projects

3) The maintenance photos include ‘The Island Clubhouse’ and bowling green.

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Property Name: Astra Zeneca Pharmaceutical

Maintenance: INL Group provides a complete all year round maintenance solution for plants and flower planting on the Astra Zeneca property.

Property Name: Condominium Residences

Maintenance: We have long standing references from many exclusive condominium residences throughout the GTA. The properties must be maintained at a level above the ordinary, with award winning floral displays and manicured lawns.

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Property Name: BIA (Business Improvement Areas):

Maintenance: Business associations formed by retailer throughout the GTA To enhance the image of their neighbourhoods, making the shops inviting to both tourists and new business.

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